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Finding Ideas for Your Next Podcast

Updated: Oct 18, 2022

A great way to select a podcast topic is by focusing on storytelling. The key element in having an excellent story for your show, as opposed to just choosing any old thing that comes into mind or even one of the more popular categories like investigative journalism and true crime which are also among some common choices according to fraudulent statistics from Apple Podcasts' analysis last year ̶ though not necessarily representative across all podcasts because many others focus primarily on business topics and entertainment rather than purely informative work (though there's no reason you couldn't do both).

As with any creative project, it's important to have a passion for your podcast. Don't just pick something because you think others will enjoy listening too - find something that lights up the inside of your heart and soul when talking about it on air!

You have to be passionate about your podcast topic if you want it done right. You can't just pick any old thing that sounds interesting or relevant—you need an intense interest in the subject at hand, which will make for great content! So what makes a good audio story? It had better come from somewhere deep inside of us; there's no other way around this one...

Who's my audience?

Finding an interested podcast listener can be tough. But if you've got something that will keep their attention for more than just a few minutes at time, they might just become devoted fans!

What will make my audience tune in?

You need to find out who your potential listeners are and tailor content accordingly. Whether it's solving their problems, helping them overcome challenges or improving knowledge base- if you do these things then they'll be excited enough about the podcast that tuning would become part of daily life!

You have to know your audience and understand their needs.

You don't want to produce content based on a niche topic if you're not familiar with your audience's needs. The easiest way is by checking out what other podcasts in the same field have been doing, but there are also communities online or offline where people can go who listen and talk about problems they face day-to-day - this will give valuable information about how serious these issues really may be for some individuals!

In order to produce a high-quality show, you need two things: (1) interest in the topic and (2), love for your listeners. In other words - if it's not something that interests or excites YOU then how will this inspire any energy? It can't! So before recording begins be sure there are topics outside of what worries away at night because when people focus on their work they become more productive which leads us back into our original point about having fun while doing something worthwhile like creating podcasts

Make your topic unique

Most top podcasts are rated highly because they offer a unique perspective on their topic. To get the attention of your listeners, you must provide something that no one else has available - this will make sure people stop listening to everything else going on in their lives and focus solely toward what interested them most at first place: YOU! Another way how being different can help create an engaging experience for potential consumers/listeners would be by providing more interesting details or examples related specifically with marketing as well; which helps cater content towards specific needs while capturing existing positions within these industries

Monetizing your content

If you eventually do well with a certain amount of active followers, it makes sense to start monetizing. Most podcasters go this route at some point in their shows' lifecycle and for good reason! Selling branded merchandise not only brings money but promotes both the podcast itself as well as our voice--which listeners believe because we're vocal about opinion-driven topics that are informative enough so they trust what's being said on them."

If you produce a clear and focused strategy when deciding on how to monetize your podcast, then it will be easy for the future. Think about what kind of tools people could buy with their money (i.e., personal security) so that they have something tangible in mind while listening to your show or taking part in an online course which teaches them more ways than one person can handle being safe from abduction by strangers!

100 Podcast Topic Ideas

If you're still working to believe about a topic for your podcast or podcast episode... here are list of nearly all the potential topics you could select.

1. Podcast regarding places or people

2. Critique books or movies

3. Talk about podcasting

4. Time-specific podcasts

5. Board public buses and interview the drivers

6. Talk about a new skill or hobby that you are learning

7. A visual description of different locations

8. Tell different stories about your sponsors

9. Start a guessing show

10. Record your daily activities and the things you talk about

11. A preparation podcast

12. A point of view podcast

13. Comedy podcast

14. Review newspaper stories

15. Events podcast

16. Discuss specific groups

17. A podcast about shops

18. Travel podcast

19. A football/soccer podcast

20. The business side of the sport

21. Small town news

22. Politics

23. Legal podcast

24. A narration podcast

25. Celebrity news podcast

26. An uninformed perspective

27. Ultimate list podcast

28. Connect people with things in common

29. A generation philosophy podcast

30. A podcast on recreational events

31. A pet podcast

32. An outdoors podcast

33. Quick info podcast

34. A podcast analyzing other podcasts

35. Traveling on a budget podcast

36. A random interview podcast

37. Birthday matching podcast

38. Interview Skilled Individuals?

39. A podcast talking about your life

40. A podcast on household chores

41. A neighbor podcast

42. Answer questions from the audience

43. Talk about guilty pleasures

44. A tech podcast

45. Go to live events

46. Entrepreneurs and Founders Podcast

47. A recruitment podcast


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